SEO Tips

After several years of working with SEO, I decided to sit down this week at the request of a client and put together some tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years.

If you’ve never dealt with SEO before, then I’m sure you’re probably a bit overwhelmed by all the information coming your way. But, you really don’t need to be.

I’m going to try and condense some of my best tools and tricks into one place so you have an easily digestible resource at your fingertips.

Local SEO DenverBacklinks are King

I’ve heard for years that content is king when it comes to online marketing, but SEO by it’s very nature is different and invalidates this “truth”.

While you will certainly need good content and copy writing to convert your visitors into customers, you first need visitors.

While good content may help your website from dropping out of the rankings completely, it won’t be what pushes your site to page one of the major search engines.

Fact is, the single most important factor of whether your site is on page 1 or page 10 is your backlinks.

While there are some other factors, which I will touch on momentarily, for the sake of helping you better understand search engine optimization, backlinks are the bully on the playground and the always will be.

Where Do I Find Quality Backlinks?

There are a number of places where you can find good backlinks. There are some tools that can be great, when used consistently, to drive a steady flow of backlinks to your site.

The Tools…

At the top of the list is a subscription based tool called Unique Article Wizard, or just UAW.

This is a very good tool when targeting low to medium competition search phrases.

There are cases where you can build several UAW campaigns and just let them run. Before you know it, you will be ranking very well for your targeted search terms. And that’s without any additional backlinking.

This is exactly what you’re looking for when creating a great backlinking strategy.

Web 2.0 CloudAre There High Quality Backlinks I Should Consider?


There are a myriad of ways you can get quality backlinks pointing to your website.

The creation of social bookmarks is a good way of getting higher quality backlinks point to your site. This allows you to build up a nice, quality reservoir of links flowing to your site.

If you’re new to the world of Local SEO in Denver, or just SEO in general, this likely doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right now. As you proceed, this idea will come into focus, though you may have to give it some time.

Building web 2.0 pages and site which can be used as link resources is another great way to pick up high PR links links that in turn boost your own sites’ rankings.

How Much Does On-Page SEO Matter?

To wrap this up, I’m going to briefly discuss on-page SEO. While this certainly plays a role in the search engine rankings of your website, it’s not nearly as important as your backlinks.

Though it is beginning to play a larger role than it did in the past.

Your primary focus should be to ensure that you don’t abuse your keywords. You don’t want them to show on your web pages too many times as this can lead to what’s called over optimization. When the search engines seen a particular keyword scattered around your pages too much, they will thing you’re stuffing these keywords in an attempt to manipulate your ranking.

It would be prudent to keep this point in mind as you build out your website.

That’s it today for the tips.

If you’re diligent in the implementation of these strategies, you will certainly see an improvement in the rankings of your website.