Local SEO Opportunities

Many business owners know their website can bring them traffic, but did you know there is another goldmine that can bring in as many if not more visitors that your website alone?

Here at Tactix Marketing, we can not only rank your website on page one, but also other tangential properties that most business owners don’t even consider. Did you know that you can also rank your Yelp listing? How about  your Yellow Pages listing? BBB? Yahoo Local? Yep! Your listings on all of these services can be ranked just as though they were your own website.

By leveraging multiple properties like this, you will be increasing your exposure to your potential customers. When you have multiple listings on page one, your potential customers will realize that your likely much more trustworthy than your competitors and will be much more likely to give you their business.

If you already have listings with these 3rd party companies, we can help you by ranking them as well. And whether you do or don’t, there is a right and a wrong way to have your listings setup. When working with clients to rank their secondary sites, we will work with you to ensure that your listings have been created properly, if not we’ll work with you to correct it. If you don’t have listings with these secondary sites, we can create them for you and make sure they’re setup properly from the beginning.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you truly dominate page 1 of Google and set your business on a path to explode your business this year, give us a call or fill out or contact form and we’ll provide you with an overview of how we can fit into your marketing plans for 2014.