Denver SEO

Denver SEO

Local Search Engine Optimization is what sets us apart from our competitors. While other Denver SEO companies may offer to help you rank your website in the internet search engines, we understand that you’re likely not interested in whether individuals from Pittsburgh, Miami, Seattle, or a myriad of other locations find your company. You’re most likely interested in getting people from Denver to find your business.

Tactix Marketing has honed and refined our marketing techniques over the years, becoming a true expert in the local SEO arena, to help your business gain maximum exposure and an edge over your competition. We work with all our customers to identify the top keywords, or search phrases, that will convert into paying customers and even help them redesign their existing website, or design a new one from the ground up that is focused on converting visitors into customers.

While some customers may be interested in only getting their existing website on page 1 of Google, others are interested in complete domination of page 1 of multiple search engines for their primary search terms and building their brand. This is where we really shine. We can help you not only have one listing on page 1 for your company, but multiple listings.

A 2013 study by Chitka shows that 91.7% of all search traffic on Google is going to those websites on the first page. If you have a website on page 1, that’s great, you’ll be getting anywhere from 2.4% of the traffic at position 10, to 32.5% if you’re in the first position.

For those interested in domination the first page, the amount of internet traffic received can increase dramatically. If your company occupies not one but three spots on the first page of the search engines, conservatively let’s say it’s positions 3-5. You’ll be receiving 25.6% of the total search traffic for the given search term to your business. If your sites move up in ranking, you could be garnering up to 61.5% of the traffic if you occupy the first three spots with your websites. This is a massive increase in traffic to your business, which will equate to leads and ultimately to sales.

Give us a call today and learn why Tactix Marketing is a true Denver SEO expert and how we can provide a plan to put your business on the fast track to gaining new customers this year. If you’re not in Denver, don’t worry, we have clients across the state, including Colorado Springs and Fort Collins, even across US that recognize us as a trusted partner for their business.