Tactix Marketing is NOT for all businesses.

While we would certainly love to help every business that requests our help, the simple fact is that we can’t. We scrutinize the clients we bring on board very carefully, just as we expect that you would with us. In doing so, we have developed a very reasonable set of criteria¬† that our potential clients must meet. This is in large part due to the fact that we are a boutique consulting agency and only want to work with a limited amount of clients to ensure that we can provide the kind of attention to detail that our clients have come to expect from us. That means that by dedicating ourselves to a limited set of clients, we become a strategic partner and invested in your success.

Here are the businesses that we CAN help.

  • You must have an active and healthy business today.
    We are positioned to help companies that are already up and running and want to grow their business much faster.At Tactix Marketing, we do NOT work with:

    • Companies or individuals involved in get rich quick schemes
    • Companies or individuals involved with adult oriented material.
    • Companies that would be considered a start up
  • You should have a steady flow of leads and customers. This means that you’re currently getting consistent flow of customers and making sales. You should be running ads, promoting, and selling your services. You need not be a household name in your market, but you must be PRESENT within your market.
  • You must have a solid product or service, along with a good reputation. As we partner together, not only will we be bringing you more sales and increased profits, but we’ll be achieving it in a way that will create MASSIVE goodwill for your company within your market

That’s it. Just those three items are the requirements to work with us.

If you meet the basic criteria outlined above, and you would like to schedule a personal consultation about how we can help you achieve incredible results, then we would be glad to setup a meeting for you.

Here’s how our process works. First, we need you to complete the discovery form below.

The form is simple and can be completed fairly quickly. We’re looking for information that will tell us what your selling, this helps us better understand your market space. We also would like to know what you want to accomplish. Without knowing what you want to achieve, we’re unable to create a plan just for you to help you get there.

During our first meeting, we’ll take this information and go through it in detail. We’ll use this to create a custom plan to grow your revenue and your bottom line.

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